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Basketball AX Global


Best in Basketball Timber Floor
hevea wood AX Global

The color is light yellow-brown, the annual ring is obvious, the ring boundary is a dark band, the scar is less, the texture is uniform, the processing performance is good, and the cut surface is smooth. Dry shrinkage, not easy to deform and crack.

It is easy to color, can adapt to all types of color dyeing and coating, and the paint has good finishing performance.

Moderate hardness, especially suitable for sports venues.

oak wood AX Global

A floor board with an elegant, a characteristic dark grain pattern. Overtime, the natural ageing gives Oak a warm and golden glow. 

soft maple

The hardness is moderate or slightly soft, the annual ring texture is obvious, the material is tough, and the fiber is fine and smooth.
Good processing performance, smooth cutting surface, good nail holding performance, good paint coloring and adhesion, and excellent visual effects. Due to the extremely cold growth environment, it has a certain degree of immunity to pests and diseases, and performs well in antiseptic and pest control.

hard maple AX Global

A very classic and popular floor ‘Hard maple has a fine, uniform texture. It is strong, stiff, hard and resistant to shock and has high resistance to shrinkage’  - wood handbook 2010 – US department of Agriculture.

AX Global Flooring Specialists
Apply on sports hall, theater, stage, multipurpose hall etc.
Multipurpose Hall Floor AX Global
Extremely stable and durable
Design with colors style Long life
Low cost of maintenance
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